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September 3,   2017

October 7th — Harvest Festival Flower and Vegetable Show

New Website Feature: Bulletin Board

Our Next Meeting

Remaining 2017 Meetings

Senior’s Talk & Tea


New Web Site Feature : Bulletin Board

We’re quite often asked to inform our members of horticultural related events in the community. These request originate from various sources (other garden clubs, community organisations and specific individuals). Also sometimes our members have items of interest to disseminate to the membership. We’ve added a “bulletin board” feature to the web site to facilitate this spread of information.

Note that this is not intended to be commercial advertising space for business ventures, but rather an information space for our members benefits. Please check out this bulletin board and let me know any comments or suggestions you have :

Our Next Regular Meeting will be on
Monday September 11th at 7:30 P.M.

SPEAKER: Brian Carson – Beauties of the Burnt Lands

Not to be missed!  Enjoy a virtual tour of a fascinating new Provincial Park, the Burnt Lands Alvar. Our guide is our own resident rare plant hunter, Brian Carson!

Driving west to Almonte, we pass through a large barren waste land… at least, that is how it appears at first glance…

Actually, the area is a globally-rare habitat bejeweled with many exquisite floral gems.


Also note that if you are participating in the flower show, you will need to get your displays to the RCMP Campground Hall before the meeting.




Remaining 2017 Meetings:

Our upcoming Meeting calendar for the remainder of  2017 is as follows:

  • Monday, October 2nd…………Regular Meeting & Flower Show
    “Downsizing Your Garden”
    by Steve Shapiro
  • Monday, November 13th………Regular Meeting
    “Holiday Decorations”
    by Joanne Plummer
  • Monday, December 11th………Awards Dinner

For further information on any of these items please contact us




Seniors’ Talk and Tea –  September 20, 2017


Our Vice President, Linda Reasbeck, has been in contact with ROSSS and Hyfield Place**. The Manotick Horticultural Society will offer a program at Hyfield Place on Sept 20, 2017.

From 1:00 to 3:30, MHS will do a short floral arrangement demonstration with emphasis on small designs suitable for a seniors’ residence.  We may also bring in a commercial grocery store type bouquet and discuss how to keep them fresh, use them in smaller bouquets, etc.

All attendees will be given a small floral arrangement in a nice tea cup, something to remember us by. Do you have a cup that you can donate? Please bring to the meeting, give it to Linda R. The Manotick Horticultural Society will also be responsible for refreshments – sweets of some kind and fruit.

**Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS) is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to excellence in the delivery of rural community support services, and stands as a championing advocate for the rights of seniors, people with disabilities and caregivers. Hyfield Place provides affordable, apartment style, independent living for Seniors, in the Village of Manotick.