Our regular meetings are on the 2nd Monday of most months at 7:30 p.m. at the RCMP Long Island Recreational & Conference Centre Hall on Nicholl’s Island Road (just North of Manotick off River Road).         (See Directions)


mhswelcome1cMembers of the Board are always on hand to welcome you and answer newcomers questions.


Our meetings start with a short business & information session and then move on to a presentation by a guest speaker. The topics vary widely from specific


gardening tips to “virtual” garden tours. There is always time to ask questions and discuss the topic with our guest speaker after the talk.


After the formal psnacks359Wresentation there is time for socializing, coffe and snacks This is also a good opportunity to view the splendor of the Flower Show exhibits.

We’re usually finished by 9:30 PM — plenty of time to catch some late evening TV at home.




Long Island Recreational & Conference Centre Directions:

From Manotick follow River Road North, turn left on Nicholls Island Road, turn right just before the Long Island Locks. It’s a long winding road — so keep going until you reach the parking lot.